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    Aquaculture Science (Aquacult. Sci.) is a domestic journal published quarterly in either English or Japanese by the Japanese Society of Aquaculture Science. The journal covers technological culture issues of aquatic organisms and the major contents and abstracting services can be accessed online through the J-stage website.

    ISSN 0371-4217
    Editor-in-Chief: Akira Komaru, Graduate School of Bioresources, Mie University, JAPAN
    Editrial Board: Takahiko Aoki, Kazuo Araki, Tadashi Isshiki, Kouichi Kawamura, Akira Kurashima, Toshiro Masumoto, Koichi Okuzawa, Taiga Yodo, John R. Bower, C. Kwen Lin, Gabliele Horstgen-Schwark, James E. Stewart, Ricardo Perez-Enriquez, Santosh P. Lall,Young Jin Chang
    Publisher: Japanese Society for Aquaculture Research, Nishimura toushadou Ltd.

    All articles from volume 1 (1953) to the recent 1 year are now available in pdf files at J-stage !!

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    The journal primarily publishes research papers on original work that has not been published eslewhere and advance the understanding of aquacultural studies.
    The subscribed members can submit 3 types of papers; original paper, short paper, and notes. Un-subscribed members can be included in authors, but the first and/or corresponding author must be the subscribed member.
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    Publication Ethics for "Aquaculture Science"

    The journal "Aquaculture Science", is the official journal of the Japanese Society for Aquaculture Research, and maintains ethical standards. In order to provide our readers with a high-quality academic journal, "Aquaculture Science" is guided by the following principles:

    1) The editorial board of "Aquaculture Science" is responsible for the decision of acceptance of the articles submitted to the journal.
    2) The editors can ignore any material that does not meet requirements regarding copyright infringement and plagiarism.
    3) The editors must ensure the confidentiality of the submitted articles until publication, except in the case of suspicion of duplicate publication.
    4) The editor of a submitted manuscript must not have any conflicts of interest between the authors.

    1) The reviewers of "Aquaculture Science" are required to contribute to the editorial decision of a submitted manuscript.
    2) The reviewers must ensure the confidentiality of the submitted articles for peer reviewing only, and must not use the information obtained for personal benefit.
    3) The reviewers should not consider manuscripts in which they have conflicts of interest with any of the authors, companies, or institutions.

    1) The authors are responsible for the originality of their works and ensure that the data are not fabricated or manipulated.
    2) Only authors who have substantially contributed to the paper should be considered in the authorship.
    3) The authors should appropriately cite the source of other materials when used, and avoid plagiarism.
    4) The authors should make sure that the data are original and not considered for publication elsewhere.

    The publisher ensures that advertisement, reprint or other commercial revenue has no influence on editorial decisions.

    Table of contents

    Back numbers from vol.1 (1953) to vol.67 No.1(2019) are all available at J-stage

    Vol. 69 No. 1 April 2021

    Original papers
    Behavior of organic acids content of pallial cavity fluid in the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum under hypoxia in the aquaculture ground
    Matsuda, M., A. Shinagawa, J. Higano, K. Hirano, A. Fujii and A. Ishimatsu ..... 1
    Characteristics of mantle gene expression and bacterial flora in Akoya pearl oysters, Pinctada fucata with mantle atrophy
    Sano, N., I. Kuriyama and A. Komaru ..... 13
    Relationship between water temperature and spawning in Hemigrammocypris neglectus
    Teramoto, T., K. Kato and T. Asaka ..... 21
    Seasonal and diurnal patterns of feeding habits of channel catfish in Lake Kasumigaura, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
    Kamei, R., K. Arayama, M. Yokota, N. Sunoh and C. A. Strüssmann ..... 31
    Feeding protocol on energy partitioning and growth performance in Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) fingerlings
    Ohnishi, T., T. Ido, M. Gohda, O. Takaoka, K. Takii and A. Biswas ..... 43
    Trial of stable outdoor mass culture of Chaetoceros calcitrans
    Sasaki T. ..... 55
    Effect of dietary moisture content on growth and feed intake in conger eel Conger myriaster
    Diamahesa, W. A., H. Fukada and T. Masumoto ..... 71
    Effects of a soybean lecithin-supplemented mealworm-containing diet on the growth performance and lipid utilization of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
    Iwai, K., W. A. Diamahesa, H. Fukada and T. Masumoto ..... 79
    Predation on larval honmoroko Gnathopogon caerulescens in daytime and nighttime by six fish species
    Fujioka, Y., M. Nemoto and T. Kikko ..... 87
    Effect of temperature on the ammonia oxidizing microorganism activity of filter materials with nitrification stored for a long time
    Imai, T., K. Dehama, T. Sakami, T. Takashi, T. Morita, S. Imai, M. Oka and Y. Yamamoto ..... 93
    Growth performance and edible ratio of myostatin-knockout young red sea bream Pagrus major produced by genome editing with CRISPR/Cas9
    Washio, Y., M. Ohama, K. Kishimoto, M. Kinoshita and K. Kato ..... 101

    Short Papers
    Age and growth of red-spotted grouper Epinephelus akaara collected from the coastal waters of Toyama Prefecture, Japan, determined by transverse otolith sections
    Iino, K., K. Machi, Y. Fukunishi, Y. Yagi and S. Uehara ..... 113
    Verifying conditions for membership in Japanese river fishery cooperatives
    Nakamura T. ..... 117

    Factors affecting the survival and growth of pen shell spats in suspended intermediate culture
    Yamamoto, M., A. Ito, H. Yamazaki, M. Kanematsu and T. Tomiyama ..... 123

    Notification ..... 131
    Errata ..... 133

    Vol. 68 No. 4 December 2020

    Original papers
    Major yolk protein binds folic acid in a sea urchin
    Ura, K., T. Gotoh, Y. Kitano, O. Nishimiya and Y. Takagi ..... 309
    Effects of anesthesia, excess exercise and feeding on blood properties, gases and electrolytes of cultured Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) juvenile
    Honryo, T., H. Tsukada, T. Okada, Y. Agawa, M. Kurata and Y. Sawada ..... 317
    Rearing Japanese smelt larvae and juvenile fed only with rotifer and formulated food
    Masuda, Y. and K. Miyamoto ..... 327
    A method for red sea bream Pagrus major gamete inactivation in terrestrial tank drains
    Washio, Y., M. Ohama, H. Suzuki, R. Kanatsu, D. Kim, M. Kinoshita and K. Kato ..... 337
    Timing of hatching in honmoroko Gnathopogon caerulescens eggs
    Fujioka, Y., T. Kikko and M. Nemoto ..... 351
    Effects of antibiotics and deep seawater on the survival and molting interval of the Japanese giant spider crab Macrocheira kaempferi in captivity during critical early life stages
    Okamoto, K. ..... 357

    Short Papers
    Microbial communities of the eelgrass Zostera marina bed in Tanoura Bay, Shimoda, Shizuoka in summer
    Chen, C.-H., Y. Tanaka, T. Kozaki, S. Itoi and H. Sugita ..... 367
    Relationship between egg size and body weight of chum salmon fry under an artificial rearing environment
    Ando, D. and Y. Sasaki ..... 371

    Counting the numbers of ascending juvenile ayu based on visual observations and underwater videos in the Shimanto River, western Japan
    Azuma, K., K. Horioka, M. Ohgi, T. Iyota, I. Matsuoka and K. Iyota ..... 375

    Vol. 68 No. 3 September 2020

    Original papers
    Monthly and seasonal changes of muscle proximate composition and its taste-related components in elongate ilisha, Ilisha elongata, at Harima-Nada Japan in the year 2018
    Murayama, F., K. Kusaka, K. Touhata and N. Ishida ..... 199
    First feeding a plant-based diet to rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss fry
    Yamamoto, T., H. Matsunari, H. Furuita, M. Miura, R. Ozawa,
    T. Okazaki, H. Oku, K. Murashita and H. Yoshinaga ..... 211
    Breeding patterns of kuruma prawn (Marsupenaeus japonicus) under artificial rearing
    Takagi, M., T. Goto, T. Sugaya and K. Hamano ..... 221
    Spawning characteristics of a lunar-synchronized spawner, the honeycomb grouper Epinephelus merra, under artificial conditions
    Amagai, T., R. Murata and K. Soyano ..... 235
    Annual changes in abundance of bluegill Lepomis macrochirus in the south basin of Lake Biwa
    Sakai, A., J. Saegusa, T. Taguchi, T. Usuki, M. Uegaki, D. Ishizaki and M. Nemoto ..... 243
    Payment of fishing license fees by anglers targeting ayu, white-spotted charr, masu salmon, rainbow trout, and Japanese smelt in Japanese rivers and lakes
    Nakamura, T. ..... 253
    Estimation of stock characteristic value of the red tilefish Branchiostegus japonicus offshore the Shimane Peninsula
    Matsumoto, H. ..... 263

    Short Paper
    Feeding habits of larval yellow goosefish Lophius litulon around the Shimokita Peninsula and in Funka Bay, Japan
    Gao, W., M. Nakaya, T. Takatsu, Y. Takeya and K. Noro ..... 275

    Effect of gradual salinity drop with different exposure times on the embryos of bamboo sole Heteromycteris japonicus
    Manuel, A. V., T. C. T. Phan, N. Tsutsui and T. Yoshimatsu ..... 279
    Annual and seasonal changes in the commercial catch of rabbitfish Siganus fuscescens in Harima-nada, eastern Seto Inland Sea, Japan
    Yamamoto, M., N. Tanada and T. Mototani ..... 287
    Usefulness as marking of deformity in the inter-nostril epidermis of the artificially produced blacktip grouper, Epinephelus fasciatus
    Kawabe, K. and H. Kohno ..... 293
    Status of adult chum salmon capture for hatchery broodstock in rivers on the Japan Sea side of northern Honshu, Japan
    Iida, M. ..... 301

    Vol. 68 No. 2 June 2020

    Original papers
    A new hypothesis for the decline cause of Japanese eel
    Hamada, A. and A. Kikuchi ..... 91
    Effects of nitrogen and phosphate in medium for Pyropia tenuipedalis thalli
    Nakagawa, M., M. Abe, Y. Yamasaki, Y. Saito and N. Murase ..... 101
    Effects of gibberellin and stevioside on the maturation in germling stage of Eisenia arborea gametophytes
    Kurashima, A. ..... 111
    Phenology of the edible red alga Eucheuma serra (J. Agardh) J. Agardh in northern Taiwan
    Chen, B., Y. Lu, S. Akita and D. Fujita ..... 121
    Effect of substrate type on burrowing behaviors of yellow-phase Japanese eels in water tank experiments
    Matsushige, K. and N. Mochioka ..... 129
    The relationship between the quality of dried nori (Pyropia yezoensis) harvested in the Bisan Strait, Japan and its unit price
    Murayama, F., K. Kusaka, K. Touhata and N. Ishida ..... 139
    Effectiveness of toasted laver chips discard as feed for Stephanolepis cirrhifer
    Suzuki, T., Y. Suzumura and N. Akiyama ..... 147

    Short Papers
    Swimming ability and ingestion amounts of early larvae of Japanese eel
    Masuda, Y., T. Yatabe, Y. Shima, M. Kamoshida and H. Kuwada ..... 155
    Effects of Umami substances on feed intake and neuropeptide Y expression in yellowtail Seriola quinqueradiata
    Senzui, A., T. Masumoto and H. Fukada ..... 159
    Feeding habits of juvenile Siganus fuscescens in a subtropical seagrass meadow estimated by rearing experiments and dual stable isotope analysis
    Yamada, H., K. Kon, K. Nakamoto, J. Hayakawa, K. Nanjo and T. Kawamura ..... 163

    Quality evaluation of spotted halibut reared under green light
    Shimizu, D., T. Andoh, K. Touhata, N. Ishida, H. Nikaido, K. Mizusawa and A. Takahashi ..... 169

    Vol. 68 No. 1 April 2020

    Original papers
    Development of a species identification method for shishamo smelt larvae using whole-mount immunohistochemistry
    ? Mushirobira, Y., T. Kawasaki, K. Nakata, E. Takenaka, J. Nagata, R. Ishida, H. Yamaguchi, T. Sato, T. Todo and N. Hiramatsu ..... 1
    Diversity of 2-MIB-Producing cyanobacteria in Lake Ogawara: microscopic and molecular ecological approaches
    ? Shizuka, K., M. Ikenaga, J. Murase, N. Nakayama, N. Matsuya, W. Kakino, H. Taruya and N. Maie ..... 9
    The eggs of two snailfish species in gill cavity of golden king crab Lithodes aequispinus from the Nemuro Strait, southwestern Sea of Okhotsk, Japan
    ? Matsuzaki, K., M. Kamiunten and T. Yanagimoto ..... 25
    Differences in activities of two antioxidative enzymes, superoxide dismutase and catalase, in gills and red blood cells of yellowtail, red sea bream and Japanese flounder, as a possible cause of different tolerances to Chattonella marina blooms
    ? Katoh, H., T. Oda and A. Ishimatsu ..... 33
    Seedling production of the short barbeled velvetchin, Hapalogenys nigripinnis (Temminck and Schlegel, 1843) with special reference to the early stage?morphology
    ? Kita, J., Y. Watanabe, M. Shionoya and J. Kojima ..... 43
    Comparison of body color anomaly on blind side in hatchery-reared Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) between pre-release and post-release
    ? Fujinami, Y., D. Shimizu, T. Yamada and H. Okouchi ..... 51
    Survival and growth rate of pen shell Atrina lischkeana spats of various initial sizes and densities in suspended intermediate culture
    ? Yamamoto, M., A. Ito, H. Yamazaki and M. Kanematsu ..... 59
    A process of sexual maturation of Simplisetia erythraeensis (Annelida, Nereididae)
    ? Ueno, R. and T. Yamamoto ..... 65

    Short Paper
    Blue light stimulates the expression of the genes for melanin-concentrating hormones in marbled sole, Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae
    ? Sato, I., K. Mizusawa, S. Kasagi and A. Takahashi ..... 75

    Anesthetic effect and safety of eugenol formulation for juvenile marine fishes
    ? Ishihara, S., the late A. Sei, R. Kusuda, T. Mishiba, M. Nakamoto, O. Murata and H. Kumai ..... 79