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3586-10 Okina, Hidaka-mura
Takaoka-gun, Kochi 781-2152
Flexibility is the key.

Our job is to bring to life the vision of the customer. Our goal is to offer truly original products. As we see it, development is a process of innovation that goes beyond simply manufacturing. That is why we approach each and every challenge with a mindset that is open to new ideas. By probing new possibilities, we bring innovative, one-of-a-kind machines to life.

From customer vision to market reality.

No two customers are exactly alike. Each has their own unique vision shaped by the raw material and the process by which that material is converted into the end product. That is why we place particular importance on hearing the voice of the customer. Only after understanding each and every customer need, down to the smallest detail, can we then channel our activities in a responsible and reliable way to deliver tailor-made machines. manufacturing products of the special processing manufacturing machine and the napkin, the unwoven cloth, Wettotishu, the paper diaper, and Pokettotishu of the paper product, the unwoven cloth, and Tishu are developed. From Japan
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